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Equity Release: Facts, Guidance & Advice

The Complete Guide To Equity Release

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What is equity release?

Knowing what to look for when getting an equity release can help homeowners avoid making costly mistakes or risk losing money. Whether getting an equity release is a safe or wise decision will likely depend on a person’s financial standing along with many factors and priorities along the way.

5 key reasons why equity release is becoming so popular:

  • Allows you to release money right now
  • Enjoy life and be financially comfortable as you age
  • Interest rates that first apply to the funding are fixed for life
  • You don’t want to move to a smaller house
  • You can take the money in one lump sum or smaller instalments

However, equity release won’t always be your best option, and this website attempts to educate you on the circumstances when equity release may and may not be best for certain situations, although this advice is general in nature, and not specific to anyone’s particular set of facts. You can read about some of the specific drawbacks of equity release here

If you contact us for more information, Equity Release Warehouse is able to forward your details to one of our third party financial advisors. The service we offer is free of charge to you, however, we typically receive a commission from the advisory firm if you take out equity release. You can learn about how we make money here. We are also able to signpost you to one of the many charities who may be able to help you achieve your financial goals without taking out equity release, such as StepChange, Citizens Advice and the Money and Pensions Service.

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To find out how much equity you could release tax-free, call our helpline today.

  • The money you release is tax free
  • You can still own your home
  • There’s no need for monthly repayments
  • You can use the money however you wish
  • You can take the money in one lump sum or smaller installments

Or if you prefer, you can request a free guide that tells you everything you need to know about equity release.


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How much equity could I release?

The amount of equity you can release depends on your age, house value, and on how much of your mortgage is paid off. Most people release between 20-50% of the equity in their home, typically between £10,000-£100,000.

Because house prices have risen over the years, the equity you have in yours could be significant.

For example, if your home is worth £250,000 and you have an outstanding mortgage of £50,000, you would have £200,000 equity.

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Based on this information, you could release between:

£10,000 -

You may be able to take this as a lump sum, or in smaller instalments as and when you need them.

Any remaining mortgage you have on your property will need to be repaid using the money you release.

Remember this is just an estimate and it is worth calling us for a personal illustration.

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